The RunRio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run 2010

The RunRio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run 2010

Now, this is our 8th race. Another Runrio Race, we did register for 5km at P600.00. Again, we invited some of our friends to join us; unfortunately they already have some things to do on the race day itself. For its registration fee, singlet was nice and there is a timing chip. This race promised to plant tree for every registered runner. 🙂


I have been doing some jogging within our subdivision since we joined the Earth Run. But work came in way and I was assigned to be a part of the committee to search for our company outing venue. It is kind of too late though, but we had to find some place. Just barely four weeks before our scheduled outing (May 23), we tried our best to find a nice place for us. We initially chose swimming pool but majority of the employees wanted a beach. Finally we found one! So what this got to do with my running the Nature Valley?!? –  A lot!

A day before our scheduled outing, I was still busy preparing things, seat plans, room assignments etc… My office mate, Joms, a gifted artist that he is, was doing some Henna tattoos on some of our co employees (pamporma sa outing). I was a bit hesitant to try it but I gave in away to temptation. I chose Chinese characters for him to tattoo it on my right leg; it was of medium size characters. Come our outing day, the tattoos were already a bit itchy, so I wash it with clean water and immediately noticed that my skin on that part was already reddish (yaiks!).

When I got home from the tiring outing activities that we had, my tattoo was still very itchy, but I controlled myself not to scratch it. I put some ointment to at least to ease the itchiness, but by the looks of it, the tattoo is getting worse. Monday morning, my leg was already a bit swollen! I decided to have it checked by our doctor, and she diagnosed it was an allergy (to the ink use for tattoo). I was immediately prescribed with antibiotics and ointment that costs me for more than a thousand pesos! (Did I mention that the tattoo was free… lol)

With barely 5 days before the race itself, my allergy is getting worse by the day, even came to a point that my right foot was also swollen. I am already contemplating if I would run or not on race day, my leg is hurting and I haven’t had a run for more than two weeks. Come Thursday, my leg is not swollen anymore, the tattoo was gone but it did turn into wounds. I decided that I would be wearing jogging pants on race day and just try to finish the race regardless of time.

Race day, we left early as usual. At the event area we immediately left our bags at the baggage counter and we just roam around the area while waiting for our gun start. I then decided to have some pictures taken, unfortunately, I had the camera with but there was no battery. I remember I charged it the other night and I forgot to put the battery back to the camera… bummer! We took some pictures using my phone, sorry for it has a low resolution camera.


One runner = one tree! glad to be part of this 🙂

Gun start for 5k begins; I was immediately left by Noel, He did finish well, not a PR but still a good performance. As for me, I finished almost 50 minutes. I just walked half of the distance because I could still feel the pain of my wound.

lootbag and freebies 🙂

This is our second Runrio race, we enjoyed this event and it has again live up to its expectation.

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Another cheap race that waits for us, registration fees is only 3km / 5km – Php 250.00 and 16km / 21km – Php 350.Well, since most of us haven’t run more than 10km (except for kuya Jim who is already a marathoner), we will be doing a 5km while some of my female officemates opted to do a 3km.

Noels' singlet, this is one of our favorite 🙂

There is not too much to expect for this run, we registered to express our support to stop the global warming which is the objective for this run. Even before, most of our races we come early to the event area, this one was a bit different. We are late! We find it hard to look for a parking space, and after we found some of us still took some pictures (we really can’t help it… lol!).

(L-R) Ate Jonnah, Anna, Aisa, Me, Ate Kate and Hazel

(L-R) Kuya Ronald, Kuya Jim, Jayon, Kuya Jimmy, Mark, Paul, Nico and Noel

picture taking pa din, not knowing late na kami! lol!

Then we walked to the starting line not knowingly that the gun start for the 5km has already started! The boys hurriedly run to the starting line then me and ate Jonnah followed. I didn’t know how many seconds (or minutes) had passed since the gun start. I just run continuously as I could, I felt great and sustained my pace until I saw the 3km marker. I checked my watch and realized that I could still make it below 40mins. So I continue to run until I finished but to my dismay I looked at my watch and saw 40++ minutes (sayang!). But, I am still satisfied because that I could already run continuously the whole 5km… there’s much more to improve though but I am happy with what I attained.

Noel made me a running poster. thanks dad!! 🙂

our 7th race together 🙂

There is no much of a post event activities for us, we just had some pictures (as usual) and left the event area for a breakfast!

parang ang layo namin sa picture na ito...

group picture after the race

Overall it was a good race (for the value of P250.00), we all had a good run.

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We missed the Century Tuna Superbods Run, and after 3 months since our last race, UNILAB Run For Wellness, caught our interest. Noel and I would certainly not miss this one. One thing is, it is organized by Rio (Runrio) and we are in no doubt that despite the high registration fee, it would be worth it.

Noel's singlet with bib

Same routine for us, I invited my officemates to this race but they readily decline due to high reg. fee. This is another race that only the two of us from our group will be joining. We left earlier than 3am and reached Bonifacio Global City (BGC) at about 4am. The gun start for 21km has not even started; we deposited our bag at the baggage counter and observed near the stage. First time we joined a Runrio race, we saw Rio Dela Cruz, and he personally is attending to the race itself. The gun start for the 21k went off, then after some minutes (sa tagal ng pag hihintay namin nakalimutan ko na… lol!)  the gun start for 10k.

our 6th race together 🙂

Before this race, I haven’t had any running, so I said to Noel to just go ahead and pursue his chase to achieve a new PR. I’m sure that he can do it, and even joke him na “Huwag kang mainip sa paghihintay sa akin ha”. I just wanted to enjoy the race and the post race activities. Then the gun start went off, at first I could still see Noel who is already ahead of me. And after a kilometer, I slowed down and couldn’t see Noel anymore. The lack of training is already taking its toll on me. So I just try to do run and walk. I keep on looking at my watch and I said to myself I’ll be finishing more than 40mins again. It was already hot as the sun is already up, I could already see the finish line. At last I finished! Never mind my time ;), I immediately called Noel and he was already lining up for the freebies. He did make a new PR! Good job Dad!!

with Angel Locsin, she ran 3k. (para lang magkapatid 😉 )

Noel with Rio Dela Cruz

After getting a loot bag full of free items, we changed our clothes and went to check some post race activities. I had a chance to take pictures with some of the celebrities and basketball players. With this, nag PR ako sa pictures. Lol!

freebies from the lootbag, may towel pang kasama

with Sen. Pia Cayetano

with actor Jeffrey Hidalgo who ran 21k

with actor Anthony Pangilinan

Overall, the race was great! Great crowd, lots of freebies and post race activities. 🙂

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Dare to Be Fit n Right Fun Run 2009

What interest us with this race, first this will be held to a new venue (SM MOA), there will be a prize of laptop on their after race raffle and another cheap race which only cost for P300. The race kit includes a singlet, timing device (for accurate results).

singlet - hindi siya masarap suotin (magaspang) 😦

We are one of the early registrants, but there was a minor setback with regard to claiming the race kits, they were not organized on that part.

This time we have a pool of four vehicles, some of my officemates family and relatives are joining this race too! Well as what they always say, the more the merrier! This will be my 5th 5km race and Noel’s 2nd 10km.

group pict at the office

As usual we all meet at our office at about 3am, everybody was all energize. And no one can forget the picture taking ritual as well.  At the event area, we took the chance of getting there early and started taking pictures (dito na lang kami palagi nag-p PR… lol!), then while waiting for the gun start there was a warm up exercise.

cool shoes

group pict sa stage!

while waiting for the gun start

5km ladies 🙂

Then the gun start for 10km, we all wished the boys good luck. And now our turn (5km participants), the route was just around MOA, flat course, perfect condition to achieve a new personal record. But come the last km, I felt tired suddenly I started walking. My target of sub40 was already slipping away. After a minute (or more) I started to run as fast as I could until I reached the finish line. I remember that Mr. Rey Langit (who is running for senator that time) was there to guide and cheer for the runners. But when I looked up the clock it was 41++ minutes… I felt a little disappointment but there will always be next time.

My friends (who ran 5km), went immediately to the loot bag section while I waited for Noel and the others near the finishline to take pictures. Then they all came in, one by one. I think they had their new PR as well. Then we all went to the loot bag section for the giveaways, these made our day. Sa giveaways palang sulit na for the registration! We had 2 liters of Fit N Right, Gardenia bread and some canned goods! Galing! But the process of giving away these loot bag was a mess, unahan na lang talaga and we are lucky enough to be one of the firsts.

they are happy finishing 10km!!

the photographers 😉

Then we all agreed to wait for the raffle of laptop, while resting, eating and waiting for the program, we took some pictures again!

waiting for the raffle 🙂

Overall, we all had a great time even though we didn’t won anything  ;).  It was a great experience running on a new route. We all went home a bit tired but happy.  🙂

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Adidas King of the Road 2009

This was meant to be our third race but the 1st QCIM came into picture. In my (our) previous races I am always excited. This one makes it extra special, for one, Adidas is my favorite sports wear, I get to used (first time on a race) my new shoes, I love the singlet (yellow and black are my favorite colors) to cut it short ILabAdidas!! ;). Noel is energized but at the same time a bit anxious, as he is going to run his first 10km here.

Same routine for this one, we get to meet at our office at 3am. We came early at the event area, there were already many runners at the starting line as the 21k participants are waiting for the gun start. It was a beautiful sight of yellow and black singlet on the road. And I suppose we already had a PR (again!) for pictures taken. Lol.

our fourth race 🙂

with my officemates (L-R) Ate Johnna, Aisa, Me, Noel, Kuya Ronald and Jason

Jason, Ate Johnna, Mark, Kuya Ronald, Noel and Aisa

After 15 minutes (more or less), 10k participants were called to the starting line. Before Noel went to the starting line, I gave him a good luck kiss and hug! ;).

group picture before gun start 🙂

ready for their first 10k! 🙂

Then our turn to go to starting line, after some warm up exercise, gun start went off. We had a good start; I had a good feeling on my new shoes, it has a lot of cushioning though a bit heavy. I felt that my feet are being pampered. Aisa had to slow down because she was already catching her breath; I stayed with her because she has asthma and possible it was already a sign of attack. About 3 km had passed, Ate Johnna already caught us up and Aisa told me that it is okay that I go ahead. So I tried to take up lost time on walking but I could no longer sustain to run continuously, I felt my feet are getting heavier by the minute. I just told myself that I need to run as long as I can, I did 1 minute run and 30 secs. walk.

runners on the first few kms.. 🙂

I thought I was the only one who notice that the distance was more than 5km, I checked my watch 40minutes had already passed, and the finish line was nowhere in sight!! So I continue to run and walk, then the sight of the finish line. I tried to run the last 50 meters and finally stop. I was tired and as I was walking to our meet up place I overheard many 5k runners, “ang layo ng 5k!” then the other guy said, “it’s not just 5k bro, I think it’s longer than 5k” etc… different whining. And as it turns out the distance that we just run is exactly 6.4km!! Huwaaattt?!?! May bonus pala na 1.4km! For me, a 300 or 400meters excess of the distance is not a problem but more than 1km?!? Nakatulog ata sila habang nagsusukat… lol! Tsk! Tsk! I must admit I had too much expectation for this race… 😦

As I did some stretching near the finish line, I saw Aisa and Ate Johnna crossed the finish line, they also looked tired. We meet and waited for the guys (who did 10k) to finish. Finally, they came one by one. I noticed that Noel is a bit limping, “masakit ang tuhod ko mahal” he said to me. We stop for a while to stretch his legs and I was silently praying that it is not a serious injury. Before we left we got some freebies (sports drink, banana and certificate) and of course picture taking rituals!!

stretching after his first 10k 🙂

all smiles 🙂

i love what is written at the back of this singlet 😉

With this race, I am happy and satisfied with the performance of my new shoes and I really like the singlet! Downside (for me), the excess distance of which was expected to be 5km is inexcusable.

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Adidas KOTR EXPO 2009

After our race in 1st QCIM, we took some desired rest at Noel’s office that morning. We had breakfast from Jollibee Delivery ;). This is also the last day to attend the Adidas KOTR Expo at SM Megatrade Hall, and the  opportunity to get our race kit. I already received text messages from my friends who went there on Saturday that the Expo was a disaster. There were long lines due to disorganized claiming of race kits etc… But we still have to go despite some bad news about it on its first day because we need to claim 10 race kits in behalf of my officemates. We would later meet Ate Johnna (one of my officemates) there at Megatrade Hall at about 11am.

the poster for Adidas KOTR Expo 2009

At the Megatrade Hall, we were a bit surprised of what was in front of us. There were no long lines, the area is quiet, and staff of Adidas are all smiles on us. It only took us 10 minutes to claim all 10 race kits! This wasn’t what we expected, so I asked one of the staff what happened yesterday. She honestly answered “Mam, kahapon po kasi hindi pa naaayos yung proseso tapos ang dami na kaagad na tao, sumabay din po kasi yung event sa sale nung Mall kaya ang dami talagang tao kahapon”… And then I replied, “kaya pala”. Lucky are we because this day was more organized and the surrounding is friendly. We claim our free food (carbo load) sponsored by KFC with free Krushers (Yum! Yum!).

krushers!! yum! yum!

While waiting for the program to start, we take a look around the expo there were shoes, apparels for sale, gym registration (discounted) and this one really got my attention, a free foot (gait) analysis!. So I lined myself, while waiting for my turn, I observed how it is done. You would run a few meters barefoot, then there is a mat connected to two computers and later on it will have a detailed analysis on your foot type, Cool!  When I had my turn, I had to do it three times because I wasn’t doing it right daw… (lol), conscious e! The staff there then explained to me the results, said to me that I am an overpronator, my feet (when I run), rolls inward and because of this if I am not wearing the right shoes for me, I would eventually get injuries. I told him I already had blisters just this day during my race. He looked at my shoes and said “Kaya pala mam, mali po yung sapatos ninyo. Hindi po ito pang running more on pang trail po ito, matigas po yung goma nito.” I replied to him “Akala ko ang blisters is only caused by wrong socks?” He said, “Yes mam, mayroon din pong contribution yung sapatos niyo kasi matigas siya.”  He then showed me some shoe models that are right for my foot type, stability shoes as what he called them. And I was a bit hesitant to try one because of it’s price (5thou ++) and the staff right away said “Mam may mga shoes po kami with 30% discount dito”… hmmmmm… I looked at Noel and he exactly knows what I was thinking. He just smiled at me and give me a nod, sign of approval (Thanks Mahal!).  I gave myself some time to decide, “am I going to continue with this activity? buying shoes for running means I have to make the most out of it. Giving more time to train and joining more fun runs in the future”. I said to myself. Then Ate Johnna said to me, “Bilhin mo na Nette, sayang yung offer na discount and baka mapano pa yung paa mo next week sa takbo natin pag yan pa din yung sapatos na gagamitin mo.”

After trying some models, I finally bought my first running shoes, Adidas Supernova Sequence II, which I later called, AdiSS.

my first running shoes

We then went to observe the program; guest speaker is Coach Jojo Macalintal. He gave various techniques on running, right form, warm ups among others. We stayed for a while then after almost 3 hours of stay at the Expo we decided to go home.

I went home thrilled, because of my new running shoes and next week we will start the journey to the road together.

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The 1st Quezon City International Marathon

The 1st Quezon City International Marathon is our third race for the year 2009.

Foreign runners will grace this event. And if my memory serves me right this is also the first time that the Kenyans were invited (?) to join this race. The distances would be 42km, 21km, 10km and 5km and the top 3 winners for each distance will receive cash prizes.

I can’t clearly recall how Noel got to learn about this race. One afternoon, he called me from his office and said that he will be registering us both for this race; for P300.00 we got a singlet, race bib and timing chip! – (Our first time to use this) – with this package, I immediately gave him a go signal. Before this race, we are already registered for another race – Adidas KOTR (story will follow). These two races are just one week apart, so Noel hoping for us to have a PR registered us both for 5km only. We tried to invite our friends and officemates but none showed interest, maybe because they are already registered on KOTR (gastos din daw kasi). From our group, it will just be us couple running this one.

Bib number and timing chip  :)

Bib number and timing chip 🙂

this is one of our favorite singlet 🙂

Race day, we just left earlier than 3am because of the traffic advisory that Commonwealth Avenue will be closed due to this race. Taxi drops us by at Visayas Avenue, as part of it is also closed. We walked (sort of warm up na din) until we reached Noel’s office (along QC Circle) where we would leave our things. After we have put our things at the office, we walked to the starting line. The sight of the QC circle with no vehicles around is serene and I couldn’t resist not taking pictures on it. At the starting line (in front of the Quezon City Hall), there was a stage and the program was headed by Congressman Sonny Belmonte (he was still a Mayor during that time).

tahimik ang QC Circle, walang mga sasakyan 🙂

Noel's background is the starting line

The atmosphere was great, we also did the usual habit of taking pictures before gun start (puro solo ang kuha kasi dalawa lang kami  🙂  ). Since it’s our first time to use timing chip, we are excited that the results will be released within a day.

Gun start, we took it slow first to make sure that we step on the timing mat (sigurista lang…lol). Then we ran afterwards, I eventually noticed that Noel had build a considerable distance away from me (he is actually serious on getting that sub40minutes on this one). I had a good run until after 1km I felt some pain on my right foot… blisters! I had one already and I still had 4km to go through. With this a target of sub40minutes had just been blown away. Now I am contemplating if I should continue or just quit and walked back to the office… Sabi ko sa sarili ko “Lalakarin mo na rin lang pabalik, tapusin mo na ito”. I willed myself and continue to finish this race.I tried to do run and walk but the pain is getting worse every minute and as I was walking, I saw Noel and waved to him, he is already on his 3km (I knew then that he will hit that goal of his).

As I approached the turn around, going to 3km I felt another pain coming from my left foot… another blister! Now both of my feet have it! Still I tried to run but the pain is terrible, I feel sorry for myself, I feel alone, one runner after the other passes me by. I checked on my watch, 30++ minutes have already passed and I still have 2 km to walked through. 4km came, and there was an aid station were they are giving away salonpas, so I stopped for a while then took some salonpas… Wait!! What was I thinking?!?… Blisters ang meron ako hindi sakit ng katawan, bakit ako kumuha ng salonpas?! (LOL)…Later that day, nagamit ko din ito dahil sumakit din hita ko sa pag control ng lakad at takbo dahil sa blisters… 😉

Nearing the finish line, I tried to run but I really couldn’t because of the pain… A finished time of 52++ minutes, which was 4 minutes worse than my first 5k race. 😦

I later saw Noel who looks a bit worried na din dahil ang tagal kong dumating. Good news, Noel has finally and officially beats his record. He finished at 39minutes. Bad news (for me), two blisters on my feet (sob).

Two major major mistakes:

  1. No new (gears) on race day – I used new socks by the way, that cause my blisters (Bad bad decision!)
  2. When running only use shoes for your foot type or at least use a running shoes, mine was for trail (daw) (bad decision again)

The hard part on this is I have to endured it first to learn that it can be prevented… Experience is indeed the best teacher.

our 3rd race together 🙂

Overall, I still enjoyed (even though I had blisters) the race and I am happy for Noel’s new PR. After our post race picture we went off to Megamall for Adidas KOTR Running Expo (story on next post) .

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