The RunRio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run 2010

05 May

The RunRio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run 2010

Now, this is our 8th race. Another Runrio Race, we did register for 5km at P600.00. Again, we invited some of our friends to join us; unfortunately they already have some things to do on the race day itself. For its registration fee, singlet was nice and there is a timing chip. This race promised to plant tree for every registered runner. 🙂


I have been doing some jogging within our subdivision since we joined the Earth Run. But work came in way and I was assigned to be a part of the committee to search for our company outing venue. It is kind of too late though, but we had to find some place. Just barely four weeks before our scheduled outing (May 23), we tried our best to find a nice place for us. We initially chose swimming pool but majority of the employees wanted a beach. Finally we found one! So what this got to do with my running the Nature Valley?!? –  A lot!

A day before our scheduled outing, I was still busy preparing things, seat plans, room assignments etc… My office mate, Joms, a gifted artist that he is, was doing some Henna tattoos on some of our co employees (pamporma sa outing). I was a bit hesitant to try it but I gave in away to temptation. I chose Chinese characters for him to tattoo it on my right leg; it was of medium size characters. Come our outing day, the tattoos were already a bit itchy, so I wash it with clean water and immediately noticed that my skin on that part was already reddish (yaiks!).

When I got home from the tiring outing activities that we had, my tattoo was still very itchy, but I controlled myself not to scratch it. I put some ointment to at least to ease the itchiness, but by the looks of it, the tattoo is getting worse. Monday morning, my leg was already a bit swollen! I decided to have it checked by our doctor, and she diagnosed it was an allergy (to the ink use for tattoo). I was immediately prescribed with antibiotics and ointment that costs me for more than a thousand pesos! (Did I mention that the tattoo was free… lol)

With barely 5 days before the race itself, my allergy is getting worse by the day, even came to a point that my right foot was also swollen. I am already contemplating if I would run or not on race day, my leg is hurting and I haven’t had a run for more than two weeks. Come Thursday, my leg is not swollen anymore, the tattoo was gone but it did turn into wounds. I decided that I would be wearing jogging pants on race day and just try to finish the race regardless of time.

Race day, we left early as usual. At the event area we immediately left our bags at the baggage counter and we just roam around the area while waiting for our gun start. I then decided to have some pictures taken, unfortunately, I had the camera with but there was no battery. I remember I charged it the other night and I forgot to put the battery back to the camera… bummer! We took some pictures using my phone, sorry for it has a low resolution camera.


One runner = one tree! glad to be part of this 🙂

Gun start for 5k begins; I was immediately left by Noel, He did finish well, not a PR but still a good performance. As for me, I finished almost 50 minutes. I just walked half of the distance because I could still feel the pain of my wound.

lootbag and freebies 🙂

This is our second Runrio race, we enjoyed this event and it has again live up to its expectation.

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